Litigation Funding Gets You to the Homestretch and Beyond

Every court case can be broken down to three parts, the beginning, the middle and the homestretch, the goal is to have enough funding to get into that homestretch and stay the course to the completion of the case. Litigation funding is the tool that will take the case through all the stages and make sure that you can get to that homestretch and cross home plate.

Don?t Get Sidelined

Not having enough money to continue the case can leave you sidelined and unable to see the case to fruition. Many times, law firms put a lot of money into a case, only to cut their losses after they reach their budgeted funding amount. Usually this happens when the case is near completion but not quite near enough. Getting the support that you need to see the case through to the end.

Spread Some Responsibility

Not only will you be able to get through the case but you can do it relatively unscathed when you take advantage of case funding. It is a simple solution for a historic problem that has plagued legal professionals. When the questions are:

  • How will we manage overhead and the cost of this case?
  • Will we have enough money to stay in this fight?
  • How can we share some of this risk?

The answer is litigation funding. When you choose to fund the case from an outside source you are sharing the risk and the cost of the case with that outside source. You reduce the financial risk to the firm and to the client. It can be one of the most responsible choices you make for the firm and the client. Before you write off third party funding options, talk to Bentham IMF to learn more!

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