3 Ways To Cut Your Teen Car Insurance in Seattle

by | Feb 15, 2012 | Insurance

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If you are a car insurance policyholder in Seattle, you’ll know that adding a teenage driver in your policy can raise your premiums. But you there are a lot of things you can do to curb its climb.

Three things you can do: have your teen drive a Camry instead of a BMW, encourage straight A’s on his report card, and urge him to keep a clean driving record. All these can substantially cut your insurance rates. By simply putting your teen on strict driving rules, you can make your car insurance in Seattle lighter on the pocket.

Usually, auto insurance for teens is more costly because most new drivers are at the highest risk of getting entangled with accidents, racking up more traffic violations and being on the road at the most risky times. Unlike teen drivers, average drivers are more cautious on the road and are more experienced.

Better yet, if you live in a place where public transport are accessible, it may be best to encourage your teens to use them instead. Also, bicycles may be more practical if the destinations are just blocks away. But if it’s not feasible, here are some more things that parents can do find affordable car insurance in Seattle.

1. Cheap car means cheaper insurance premium

If there are several cars in your household, assign the cheapest car to your teen or if you’re on the market choose car models built prior to 2010. Usually, cheaper car models have lower auto insurance rates but provide the same protection for your teen. There are a lot of websites that offer top safety picks for this year and older model years. Also, car models with larger, faster engine have higher insurance rates because of the amount of money at stake when they meet an accident.

2. Be on the lookout for car insurance discounts offered in Seattle

If driving is a necessity for your teen, dig around for car insurance policies that might have discounts. A lot of auto insurance companies have attractive promos such as a good-student reward for teens who have maintained consistent high grades. Some insurers offer as much as 25 percent discount. And of course, a spotless driving record is sometimes rewarded with a modest cut on the insurance rates.

If your teen leaves home for college and rarely use his vehicle, the insurance rates may be adjusted because the teen isn’t hitting the road. However, he still remains covered when he or she drives the car on break.

3. Assert your driving rules

There are a lot of tech gadgets used to keep an eye on your teen while on the road. These gadgets help monitor specific driving behaviors such as speeding, hard braking, belt usage, arrival and departure times and mileage. There are also devices that block cell phone signal aimed at preventing calls or text messaging while driving. By such tech gadgets in your teen’s car, you can monitor and correct risky driving behaviors as well as enforce your driving rules. These worthy investments can cut down your car insurance in Seattle.

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