Business Insurance: Protect your Business from Fires and Floods in Naples, Florida

Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our economy in the USA; and Naples, Florida has its fair share of these. The business person is in business to purchase, manufacture, sell, and supply. He cannot afford to have anything going wrong to threaten his business, or put his livelihood under threat. And Naples, Florida, as with many other cities, has its fair share of potential risks to businesses, arising from the forces of nature, criminal acts, and those unfortunate accidents that just seem to happen. The sensible business person will thus take out business insurance to help minimize the risks to his business.

The companies offering business insurance in Naples cannot prevent fires and floods from damaging your buildings, vehicles and stock, but they will insist that you have adequate preventive measures in place, which is in itself a good thing, and which alone will help to limit the amount of damage that occurs if one of these events takes place. They will help your business to recover from such a disaster. They give lots of useful advice. Firstly they point out that you need to keep an up-to-date inventory of all your capital assets and your stock, to make it easy after a fire or flood to identify exactly what has been damaged or lost.

If a fire or flood should occur, and it is not due to an act of nature, the business insurer in Naples, will tell you you should always report it to the police. You should immediately put things in place to prevent further damage, such as securing your property against looting. Once things are under control, you should start compiling a list of items that have been damaged, destroyed or lost: don’t wait for an insurance adjuster to come around to do this for you. Then you need to check the details of your business insurance policy to identify which items are covered and for which you can lodge a claim. When you have a good idea of which items you can put in a claim for, you need to collect the paperwork that will establish the value of those items, such as proof of purchase. Thus, if an expensive item has been destroyed, you can verify that you did have that item and what its purchase price was. Having this to substantiate your claim will make it easier and quicker for the insurance company to process your claim.

If some items can be repaired, you can also speed the process up by obtaining quotes for repairs from reliable repair companies. This is especially helpful if you have unusual or specialized equipment, as you will probably know better than the business insurance company where to go for such quotes.

Business interruption coverage will also protect your business. Business Insurance in Naples, Florida will provide financial support to keep you going until you are doing business as usual.