How to File Car Insurance Camp Hill PA Claims

by | Oct 25, 2012 | Insurance

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Filing a claim with your auto insurance company can sometimes be overwhelming. You want to make sure you file the claim correctly and in the proper amount of time so you can be sure you are covered for repairs and other damages. If you’ve never filed a car insurance Camp Hill PA claim before or if you are inexperienced, here are some steps you can take to make sure it’s done correctly.

Contact Your Agent

Following an auto accident, you should contact your insurance agent as soon as possible. If you aren’t hurt or injured, you should contact your agent the same day as the accident. It doesn’t matter if you are the driver at fault or if the other driver is at fault. When you contact your car insurance Camp Hill PA agent, be sure to ask if you are covered for the type of accident in which you were involved. If there is any question about coverage, refer to your policy while speaking with your agent.

Submit Documentation

When making a car insurance Camp Hill PA claim, you should always submit the proper documentation. Your insurance company can tell you exactly what they will require to process your claim, but they will always need a police report if it was an accident involving another driver or a pedestrian. You should also document any conversations that you have with the other party as well as any conversations you have with their insurance company. If you have any expenses, such as rental cars, keep those receipts organized and in an easy to find place so you can submit them when needed.

Make Follow-Up Phone Calls

When you file a claim, it’s important to make follow-up phone calls to your car insurance company. You should ask your agent about the timetable that they expect your claim to be processed and ask what kind of progress has been made since your last follow-up. This will not only keep you informed, but it will also make sure that your case is being handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Be Agreeable

When your car insurance Camp Hill PA company is processing your claim, they may want to have your damages evaluated by a certain repair shop. This is standard procedure so don’t fight it. If you are agreeable, your claim is more likely to be handled professionally. Just be patient and trust that your agent is doing everything possible to get your claim processed as quickly as they can.

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