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by | Sep 12, 2012 | Insurance

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If you work in a company or have a company of your own in Orange county, then it is essential to give enough attention towards group health insurance for your employees. This form of insurance is a health coverage that is sponsored by the employer for the employees, business owners, and for their dependents. Most of the people of Orange County enjoy the benefit of group health coverage by a family member’s employer sponsored health plan or through their own. Employees and employers share the costs for this type of insurance. Some special tax incentives are made available to businesses thereby providing group health insurance. An employer can choose a group health plan and then send invitations to employees to sign up. Normally, employers cover about 50% of the employee’s monthly premium, where he/she can fund the dependent premiums as well. The employee pays the remaining amount.

If you are able to contribute to your employees’ premium and want to arrange health insurance facilities, group health insurance is certainly the way to go. Providing group health insurance benefits can help you retain and hire the workers. Moreover, the amount paid for employees’ premiums is tax-deductible.

To activate the plan, the employer needs to provide all the details of the employees to the insurance company. The health insurance company provides the quotations for the insurance accordingly. You can compare the Group Health Rates in Orange County and pick the best match that covers all your needs. Employer sponsored group health insurance is the most common source of health insurance all over the nation (above 60 percentage of the working population enjoys the benefits this way). Usually, the Group Health Rates of Orange County are significantly lesser in comparison to Individual Health Insurance Plan.

Following are the advantages of providing group health insurance to business-members and employees:

Low turnover rate: The group health benefits are the most important benefit that employees receive from the employer. Therefore, companies offering medical group policies to their employees generally have a lower turnover rate along with higher chances of holding experienced employees.

Employee motivation and morale: By offering group health plans, a company can show its concern towards its employees’ well-being along with providing a good working environment.

Attract skilled employees: Apart from the advantage of employee retention, providing such facility also helps the company to attract talent, thus making the features stand out from other companies.

Boost productivity: A complete group benefit package coupled with adequate care can effectively cut down the sick days and more prominently, prevent employees from getting sick.

Group health coverage safeguards employees, company members and their family. Its not just efficiently secures the jobs of the employees but keeps the employer confident about the important members’ access to quality medical care.

The best part of choosing a group health plan is that the amount you paid by the employer towards the employee’s health insurance premiums is tax deductible. This may make one’s business qualify for health care tax credit offered to small businesses.

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