Payday Loans In Chicago gets You Quick Money When You Need It

by | May 2, 2013 | Financial Services

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Financial emergencies crop up seemingly in a heartbeat, leaving you to scramble to find money quickly. Your options are limited because you can’t borrow from family or friends, and your credit is poor, so credit cards are out. The next paycheck isn’t due for some time, but the bill has to be paid before then or else. Turn to?Payday Loans Chicago for help through this tough time, and breathe easy after taking care of the bill.

A payday loan is a type of loan that lasts for a short term. It’s a cash advance on your next paycheck, and is paid in full when that check is issued. They are not intended to last more than two weeks at a time in order to avoid issues with interest building up. It is supposed to be a tool to get your emergency paid, and requires fiscal responsibility to handle it correctly. Always take out just what you need and no more in order to have some part of your check when it arrives.

When you get Payday Loans Chicago, you have limitations on the loans that are imposed by the State of Illinois. New regulations covering the payday loan industry in Illinois and Chicago were implemented in 2011, and they place restrictions on each loan you obtain.

The laws are designed to help out the consumer by ensuring that the cash advance industry can not engage in predatory lending practices. To that end, some of the regulations include a maximum loan amount of $1500, an individual can not have more than two loans at one time, proof of employment is needed and more. The state has more information available online for you to read.

Getting a payday loan is easy – all you need to do is find a loan company’s website and fill out the convenient application. Enter all of the requested information, including how much money you need, follow the submission instructions for required documents and click the submit button. The lender reviews your application, then funds it within 24 hours. That’s it. No credit check, no lengthy review period, just confirmation of your information.

While you should always pay your loan back on time, sometimes it’s not possible. Always contact the lender about an extension and avoid punitive fees.

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