The Latest Bitcoin News Update: Cryptocurrency Increasing As An Investment

One of the biggest challenges Bitcoin has faced over the years is in mainstreaming of the understanding of cryptocurrencies. In a positive sign, the latest Bitcoin news update shows that Gallup Poll has found that the number of investors in the USA holding Bitcoin is slowly starting to rise.

The Impact of Younger Investors

It is perhaps not surprising that the Bitcoin news update reports that younger investors are the key driving the uptick in Bitcoin as an investment strategy. The poll surveyed 1,037 individuals, which is a small sample size. However, within those American individuals with investments, six percent had Bitcoin in their investment portfolio.

While 6% may not seem like a high number, two years ago, the same survey showed that just 2% of Americans held Bitcoin as an investment. Additionally, there is an increase in the holdings of Bitcoin, specifically with investors under 50, which suggests a continuing trend upwards as the younger investors continue to see the performance of cryptocurrencies, and specifically Bitcoin, in the market.

Trends to Consider

As part of this Bitcoin news update, the January 2021 Gallup Poll data provides more granular insight into crypto assets. The percentage of men holding Bitcoin is almost four times that of women in the survey, with investors from 18 to 49 more than four times more likely to hold Bitcoin.

In addition, the number of people with investments of more than $100,000 and less than $100,000 increased equally, showing that investors are adding cryptocurrencies to their investment plans.

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