Are You Looking For Auto Insurance in Lansing MI?

by | Apr 27, 2013 | Insurance

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It’s mandatory to have car insurance in the United States if you want to own a car. Car insurance is like have homeowners or health insurance. It protects you, and anyone else who may become injured in an accident involving your car. Let Auto Insurance Lansing MI help you decide the best insurance coverage for your vehicle.

If you didn’t have car insurance and you got into an accident, in some states you are automatically ‘at fault’ and you will have to pay all expenses. What would happen if you gravely injured someone and they needed months or even years of medical treatment? You would be in debt for the rest of your life. Worse, what if someone hit you and they didn’t have car insurance? Who would pay your bills?

Auto Insurance is really important to have. It can be costly but if it’s ever needed, it’s worth the money. Compared to paying costly medical bills and expensive car repairs, if you have car insurance you will only pay a deductible. The deductible gets divided up into smaller monthly payments if you can’t afford to pay it all at once. This is convenient and makes it easy for almost anyone to own a car.

What would happen if your car got broken into or stolen and you didn’t have Auto Insurance? Most people don’t totally own their car until they are finished paying off the auto loan. If your car got stolen and you still had thousands to pay on your loan then car insurance will help recover some or all of your loss. It wouldn’t be right for you to have to pay for a car the got stolen from you. But if you didn’t have care insurance, that is exactly what you would have to do.

When looking for car insurance it’s wise to use an insurance agent. They can help you pick out the right insurance for you. Some people just what the minimum coverage. It’s smart to talk to an agent to see what their opinion is on minimum coverage. If you have a new car you wouldn’t want minimum coverage. If you have an old clunker that you take to the grocery store and back once a month then you don’t want full coverage. Let Auto Insurance Lansing MI help you decide the best auto coverage for you.


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