The Need for Home Insurance Fort Myers FL

by | Apr 30, 2013 | Insurance

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There are a myriad of reasons why homeowners need to purchase Home Insurance Fort Myers FL. First of all, the insurance will reimburse property owners for much of the damage in a fire or some other common disaster. The losses from a fire could be financially devastating if there is no insurance coverage. Another reason to get coverage is to meet a lender’s requirements. Finally, this insurance provides liability coverage if there is an accident on the property. Those are among some of the common reasons why property owners need to buy this insurance.

If a fire or other disaster occurs that heavily damages or destroys a house, there is usually no government program to help with the huge financial costs of rebuilding. Instead, the property owner is responsible for the cost of rebuilding without insurance. If there is Home Insurance coverage, the property owner will be able to receive the money necessary to rebuild minus the deductible. Having to raise the money for the deductible is a lot easier than raising the entire cost of rebuilding.

Another reason to get Home Insurance Fort Myers FL is because a mortgage lender requires the borrower to have it. Although it can be a bit expensive to maintain this insurance, lenders will insist that borrowers maintain sufficient insurance coverage in case of a disaster. If a borrower tries to not buy any coverage, the lender will find out. Then the lender will buy a replacement policy that is much more expensive than what the property owner can get. The cost of the much more expensive policy will be added to the monthly payment on the mortgage. That can make it even more likely that the property owner will eventually face foreclosure.

Homeowner’s insurance also provides liability coverage when there are guests on the property. For example, it may be necessary for other people such as utility workers, postal service employees, and others to visit the home from time to time. If they are injured while within the property boundaries, the property owner may be responsible. Those with homeowner’s insurance don’t have to worry since there is liability coverage. That is another reason why it is very important to have homeowner’s insurance.

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