CPE Self Study Courses for High End CPA Education

by | Sep 18, 2014 | Financial Services

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Have you been looking all over the Internet, hoping to find a quality, reputable organization through which to take your continuing education self study courses? Welcome to CPEThink.com. Our mission is to provide the courses that fully meet NASBA/AICPA state standards, and to offer them at prices that are competitive and affordable.

High Quality Courses

One of the things that makes accounting professionals nervous about online courses is not knowing who wrote them. Know that CPE self study courses are developed and also reviewed by the top professionals in the industry. Their design is easily navigated, and classes move at the pace you designate. In fact, you may save your tests, and return to them multiple times. The courses themselves are accessible for up to five years.

Sometimes, you might come across online courses that seem a bit outdated. You’ll never find that with CPEThink.com. Our classes are relevant and current, ensuring that you will be ready to compete with anyone in your field. Leading CPAs are behind what we do, and you’ll be able to tell right away.

If you are hoping to author, pilot or review a course, CPEThink.com is your trusted resource. You may set up group accounts for working with others or proceed on your own. CPE self study courses are a great way to make a little extra money, as you’ll enjoy royalties every time someone takes the test you authored.

Common Challenges Defeated

We understand that it can be challenging to obtain all the credits you need to hold on to your CPA certification. You need more than just courses that are easy to find and complete. Rest assured that the CPE self study courses are more comprehensive that just about anything else you’re going to find, and driven by a customer support system that simply can’t be beat.

Better yet, CPE lets you move at your own pace. You’re busy enough with work, family and all the rest. Why spend precious time rushing through an important test if you’re only going to have to take it again? The CPE self study courses respect your time by letting you work in increments over whatever period of time suits your needs.

Don’t spend another minute looking for online CPA courses that give you what you need. CPE self study courses were designed with you in mind, and will make it simple to keep up your certification. Get in touch with CEThink.com today!

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