Why Affordable Insurance is Vital for your Business

by | Mar 29, 2013 | Insurance

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When you own a business there are expenses that you must incur aside from the rent on your premises, utility bills and overheads. Your business should also have at least average insurance coverage for when things don’t go according to plan. All manner of issues can affect the daily running of your business and this can affect your own income as we as those of your employees. Finding suitable yet reasonably priced business insurance in Carlisle, PA is important because it is technically a loss on your profits. The key factor with insurance is that it is there as a cushion for ‘just in case’ rather than an inevitability. Therefore, sometimes we feel as though it might seem like a waste of money if we don’t use it.

Clearly, there is an advantage in having good business insurance. Your coverage protects you against a whole host of possible issues, from public liability to theft and damage. If you own a business that has a high risk for employees, you should have enough coverage to protect against claims for workers comp if an employee has an accident while on your premises. The same applies if a customer or visitor to your premises has an accident or falls down and hurts themselves.

Information and Records Protection
When you keep records for the IRS your insurance will cover you in the event that those records are lost or damaged due to flooding, fire or theft. After the collapse of Enron and other major corporations congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley (2002) Act and if your business has to comply with those laws you will certainly need a good level of protection.

Loss of Income, Damage and Fire
Your also need insurance to cover you for any loss of income that you may suffer if your business is affected by damage, flooding, theft or bed weather. With severe storms in the east and some very harsh winters, many businesses suffer hardship because they cannot function as well as they would in the summer and losses can easily occur that could cost you thousands of dollars to put right. That’s when your insurance is vital, for making repairs and getting you and your business back on your feet. If your business premises catches fire, either independently or as a result of a fire close by, you will need to have insurance to protect the entire building and its contents. You may lose everything in a fire if the building is constructed solely from a timber frame. All the machines, paper, furniture and goods inside can be lost in moments. Having ample coverage gives you peace of mind and takes the worry out of putting everything right again, so always make sure you have enough cover for every eventuality.

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