A Quick Look at Who Must Purchase an Original Chicago City Vehicle Sticker

Every resident of Chicago who parks, drives, leases, or owns a vehicle that they are responsible for must pay the Chicago wheel tax. This also means that they have to purchase an original Chicago city vehicle sticker. When that sticker expires, they will need to purchase a renewal sticker in Chicago.

This is true for Chicago residents who have their registration outside of the city of Chicago but drive into the city. Purchasing a renewal sticker in Chicago can help motorists avoid spending money on high fees. There are fines and other consequences that can be avoided by keeping your vehicle sticker renewed.

Some people feel frustrated about needing to purchase a new sticker every year. However, it might help to know that the revenue that is collected from Chicago city vehicle sticker sales is used to maintain and repair the roads. You may be surprised to know that there are more than 4,000 miles of roads in Chicago.

Thankfully, the city of Chicago makes it easy for you to renew your vehicle sticker. They even provide courtesy renewal reminders. The city clerk’s office does everything that it can to remind Chicago residents of when their vehicle sticker needs to be renewed. It is good for Chicago residents to remember that any mailed renewal reminder is just a courtesy on the part of the city. If a person does not receive this reminder, this does not negate their responsibility to purchase the sticker in a timely fashion.

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