Contribution and Deduction Limits for an IRA in Yuba City, CA

There are many benefits to retirement savings done through an IRA in Yuba City CA. However, some of the most interesting and exciting benefits of this type of account are the yearly contributions a person can make as well as the tax deductions. However, it is important to understand that there are limitations to contributions and deductions and knowing these limitations can help make filing taxes and estimating deductions much less problematic.

Contribution Limits

As it has been for the past three years, a person is allowed to contribute to their IRA. Yearly contributions are capped at $5500. However, if a person is over the age of 50, they are permitted to contribute $6500 to an existing IRA. The good thing is that IRAs can be opened up with no money. However, if a person has a large payout or receives an insurance settlement, they can use all that money to open an IRA. The benefit to having money in an IRA is that it will automatically begin earning interest.

Regulations on Contribution Deductions

Full deductions can be taken on contributions to IRAs when it isn’t covered by an employer-provided pension plan. In the event a person is covered under an employer pension plan, income brackets provided by the IRS will determine if a partial deduction is permissible or if the entire contribution to an IRA is permissible. However, whether it’s a full deduction or a partial deduction, these tax benefits are a selling point of an IRA.

While there is plenty more to talk about concerning an IRA in Yuba City CA that simply can’t be touched on in such a limited article, these retirement accounts are tremendous ways to get a person’s money to grow so that they can save properly for retirement. By understanding the tax implications, understanding how much money a person will need to open one of these accounts and how much they can legally contribute to them throughout the year, people interested in opening up IRAs will be better informed as to the limitations and the benefits of this retirement investment. For more information on this and other retirement investments, you can simply contact us.