FAQs About Commercial Auto Insurance In Santa Cruz

by | Nov 13, 2017 | Finance

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In California, business owners must acquire coverage for all vehicles that are used for business purposes. The policies can protect the company owner from common liabilities associated with accidents. This includes property damage and any expenses associated with personal injuries sustained during the accident. A local insurance company can provide answers to frequently asked questions about Commercial Auto Insurance in Santa Cruz.

Who can the Company Add to the Policy?

They can add any employee that will drive the vehicle at any time during the business, and these drivers must have the appropriate licenses to operate the vehicles. The company owner and any of their relatives who may operate the vehicles should also appear on the policy. The insurance company can add any additional drivers who are hired by the company to make deliveries.

Does the Policy Replace the Vehicle if It is a Total Loss?

Yes, the insurance policies will provide funds to replace the vehicle if it is a total loss, and this value is based on the exact value of the vehicle prior to the event that caused the accident. The coverage is available if the vehicle was damaged due to an event that is listed within the terms of the policy. Typically, this includes but is not limited to auto accidents, natural disasters, fires, and criminal acts.

Does the Company Owner Need Personal Coverage?

Yes, the company owner should acquire coverage for the vehicles under a personal auto policy if the vehicles are used for any reasons outside of business purposes. The coverage will provide additional protection for the company owner and reduce the potential for a financial loss. These policies will pay for accident injuries and property damage that was caused by the commercial driver even if they were driving on personal time.

In California, business owners must review auto coverage that is designed specifically for their needs. These policies can prevent major losses for the company owner and avoid serious repercussions that could shut down the company. Business owners who want to learn more about Commercial Auto Insurance in Santa Cruz can contact Coast Auto Insurance for more information now.

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