The Benefits of Employee Plan Services

by | Feb 15, 2019 | Financial Services

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Many companies offer employee plan services and administrative solutions that help you manage your shareholder records with your transfer agent. The service is likely to include independent software with innovation and synergistic combinations to ensure that you get the tools and value you require to manage your shareholder compensations.

Equity Tracking

Many times, these transfer agents can handle traditional recordkeeping as a transfer agent, but they can also provide a Restricted Stock Unit, Restricted Stock Award, and side-by-side Stock Option tracking features for employee equity awards. Of course, this isn’t necessarily part of the traditional employee plan services and will have to be coordinated with your transfer agent. However, if you choose the service, you can view your activity seamlessly with all of your shareholder records.

Administrative Software

As part of the employee plan, you also get cloud-based software that is comprehensive, allowing you to manage every aspect of employee equity compensation. The issuer can manage your restricted stocks, stock options, warrants, and any other form of stock award that includes major equity classes and other compensation features within the system. This software includes all-the-time technical support that’s live, ensuring that you can get help when you require it. Because it’s a DIY (do it yourself) software, you are likely to need help setting it up. However, the company you choose to provide the software should provide training and appropriate data implementation.

Of course, each software option is different. However, most of them allow separate access portals online for individual statement viewing. That way, each employee can view their personalized statement without fear that they might inadvertently see someone else’s.

You can also generate custom reports and get immediate access to your trade and record activities, which means you can see all classes for warrants and options, including non-qualified and incentive, as well as other awards, including phantom units. For more information visit Colonial Stock Transfer Company, Inc.

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