The Factors That Affect Motorcycle Insurance Premiums

by | Jan 8, 2019 | Insurance

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Finding the right type of motorcycle insurance can take time. Numerous companies claim to offer the best rates and coverage. Despite all the offers, there’s no easy way to sift through them all. Let Accurate Auto Insurance take some of the pain out of the process. Follow these guidelines to find the right policy for your riding needs.

Initial Considerations

Motorcycle insurance is similar to the typical auto policy in a few ways. First, your policy rate will be set according to your style of riding. Companies will take into account the type of motorcycle, its value and your experience riding. The only time when a special type of policy may be needed is if the bike is a collector’s item. Therefore, your choices are fairly endless when looking for motorcycle insurance in Chicago.

Factors Affecting the Premium

Motorcycles riders can reduce their premium by taking a few easy steps. Most agencies will give you a discount for taking a motorcycle safety class. You can also get a lower rate for installing an alarm. Finally, you can potentially get another discount for storing your bike in a garage instead of the street.

Figuring Out Liability

Practically every state makes liability coverage a must have. In order to understand the type of coverage you sign up for, you’ll need to know how its formatted. Liability policies will contain three different numbers that signify the amount of coverage. This should be the first thing you look at when choosing a policy.

Most policies will list the liability values separated by a slash. The first number deals with bodily injury to another. The second number concerns the maximum payment for a bodily injury. The final number shows the maximum payout for property damage. You’ll need to select a policy that at least covers the minimum requirements for your state.

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