Types of Automobile Insurance in Salinas

All states in the U.S. stipulate that every car must be properly insured. Apart from being on the right side of the law, Automobile Insurance in Salinas helps car owners to avoid hefty financial fees when a road mishap occurs. Driving a car without the proper insurance will lead to suspension of license, jail time and impoundment of the vehicle. Having said that, car insurance is an important form of protection which car owners should take advantage of. The following are the different types of coverage which car owners should consider.


This is the most important aspect of auto insurance since it protects the driver from the legal and financial consequences of an accident. It applies to cases where the driver is responsible for damage to another driver, vehicle or property. The Majority of states usually require liability insurance. The risk that one is exposed to is dependent on the level of coverage of the insurance policy.

Collision Coverage

This is a form of auto insurance that pays for damages done to one’s own vehicle in the event of an accident. It is required by lenders for car financing or leasing.

Comprehensive Coverage

This is another form of collision insurance. Most people can’t afford to replace their cars if it is stolen. Therefore it is a wise decision to insure the car against theft. If the car is being financed, then it is very likely that the lender requires an insurance policy against theft. Most insurance policies don’t pay the cost of a brand new car. They just pay the market value of the stolen car. Comprehensive coverage covers weather damage. Cars could be damaged in a hail storm or in the event of a tornado. For most weather-related incidents that result in the car being damaged, insurance firms pay for the cost of the repair. Comprehensive coverage also covers animal collisions, flood and fire damage. It also covers damage that is caused by vandalism and falling objects such as rocks and tree branches.

There are many benefits to Automobile Insurance in Salinas. For individuals looking for the best kind of auto insurance to invest in, please visit us website

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