Who Needs Inland Marine Insurance In Elyria, OH?

In Ohio, inland marine insurance coverage applies to cargo that is shipped or transported by local businesses. The coverage provides protection for goods that are traded or sold by the companies to clients, suppliers, and other traders. A local agent provides information about what business types need Inland Marine Insurance in Elyria OH to protect their company more fully.

Landscaping and Lawn Services

The professional service providers haul equipment throughout their workday. Their equipment isn’t covered under their property or auto insurance coverage. The insurance provides adequate coverage for all equipment and machinery used by the landscapers. The policy lowers the odds of a financial loss if the equipment is stolen or damaged.

Professional Photography Services

A professional photographer needs coverage to protect their cameras, printers, and other equipment. All images saved on discs and print-outs are covered in the event they are damaged. Lighting equipment and products created from images of their client are also covered under the policies.

Caterers and Food Service Companies

All supplies used to transport food to clients as well as mobile kitchens are covered under the inland marine insurance. The food produced by the catering service is covered as well. Any food and related products that were lost due to an accident or unexpected event are replaced by the policy.

What are the Primary Benefits of the Policy?

The policy covers any property that doesn’t remain stationary. It includes assets and properties that aren’t protected by auto or property insurance. For example, a policy that covers a food truck provides coverage for all equipment installed into the vehicle. Food that is stored in the refrigerators or freezers is also protected. The insurance covers the mobile restaurant whether or not it remains in the same location and all products offered to customers.

In Ohio, inland marine insurance covers cargo and products that are transported during a business day. The business owners choose the policies to protects their investments that aren’t covered by standard property policies. The coverage applies to equipment, tools, and products shipped across land. Business owners who need more information about Inland Marine Insurance in Elyria OH visit  for more details or a free quote.

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