Why Now Is a Great Time to Start Selling Shares in Your US Company

Have you heard of Rule 144? You certainly should have if you own a US business. This rule allows business owners to sell small quantities of shares in their company without requiring them to go through an extensive filing process with the SEC. What this means for your business is that it’s now easier than ever to sell shares in your company due to the advent of Rule 144.

All you’ll need is a team that has experience issuing shares for companies. There are now companies in business that are providing their customers with sophisticated software to help them better manage their stock sales. This software automates calculations to simplify the process of tracking important cap table data. They also provide plenty of guidance to help companies issuing shares better understand the process from beginning to end.

These companies are now even offering a full suite of services to their customers that are tailored for companies issuing shares. Thus, you can now use their advanced communications platform to complete proxy voting. You can also use them to create essential press releases for your company that will adhere to all applicable regulations.

What many business owners like best though is that these companies now offer employee stock purchase plans that automate the entire process. Have all of your important information automatically tracked in the cloud while reports are generated for the IRS using intuitively designed software. This software can even track every trade that’s made in your company to further increase the convenience of selling shares publicly. To learn more about these advanced services, please visit Colonial Stock Transfer Company, Inc. at https://www.colonialstock.com.

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