All About SR-22 Insurance in Illinois

by | Jan 30, 2018 | Insurance

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Many people will go through life without ever having a requirement for SR-22. However, in the off chance that it happens, it?s important to understand what it means and what is required of you.

An SR-22, also called a statement of responsibility, is a document that various states require to show you have the proper amount of car insurance. This document lets you have your driving privileges back after repeated or serious traffic offenses. Here are some of the other reasons you may be required to acquire SR-22.

  • You were convicted of a DWI or DUI
  • Your license was revoked or suspended and you want to reinstate it
  • You have had numerous traffic violations in a short period of time

In most cases, you will find out about the SR-22 requirement via a court order or correspondence from your state Department of Motor Vehicles. This form isn?t something you can complete yourself. An insurance company is required to fill it out and file it. Do keep in mind that not every insurance company offers SR-22 so be prepared to search around a bit.

Even if your provider does offer SR-22, it?s still smart to take a look at the options. With an SR-22 you?ll be paying more for insurance than before. Finding the option that is most affordable can take some of the strain off of your wallet.

Some insurance companies will also drop you from your policy after you have a requirement for SR-22. It is considered an increased risk factor. At that point you have no choice but to look into alternatives. If you have trouble doing so, many states offer certain risk plans for high risk drivers. The good news is that the SR-22 itself won?t cost a lot on its own.

Nobody wants to file an SR-22. It involves more hoops to jump through and higher insurance premiums. However, if you meet all the requirements, the SR-22 period will not last forever and your premiums will drop again.

If you need SR-22 insurance coverage in Chicago, Here. can help. We specialize in SR-22 and car insurance so we understand the system. Our skilled employees will help you fill out your form and be back on your way to driving. To find out more you can give us a call at 773-838-3900. We look forward to speaking with you!

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