Tips and Tricks in Finding the Best Auto Loan Rates

by | Jan 30, 2018 | Finance, Financial Services, Loans

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Applying for a car loan for the first time shouldn?t stress you out. If you?re having a hard time to looking for the best auto loan rates in Washington, read on for helpful tips and tricks:

Ask around

There?s no end to what family and friends can tell you. If you have a large network, put it to good use by asking them about loan rates. Look for contacts who have already gone the same route?that is, who have bought their cars and found financing through banks or credit union lenders?to give you an idea where to go for yours.


Don’t just rely on suggestions and referrals, though. Do your part. Go online and get a bit of research done. This should give you enough information to know what the average loan rates are in your area and what your options will likely be.

Do the math

A lot of first-time car buyers get blindsided by the monthly payments that they don?t think about the price of the loan or term of the loan anymore. That?s the wrong way to shop for auto loan rates in Washington, though. Learn to look beyond the monthly payments and calculate how much the loan is going to cost you in the long run especially in terms of interest rate payments, says The Balance. That?s going to give you a more accurate view of how much you?re going to spend and make it easy for you to determine if it?s a good deal or not.

Know your options

Banks aren?t the only lenders to put on your list. Credit union groups are also a good option to consider, especially if these companies have been around for years. A good reputation for credibility and reliability won?t hurt either. By knowing all options available to you, you could easily make the best decisions in choosing a loan.

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