How to Be the Most Helpful Neighbor to a New Resident in Glen Ellyn

You have been living in Glen Ellyn for several years. You know virtually everyone, and they know you. Day in and day out, you arrive home from work to smiling and helpful neighbors; it sounds like a scene from your favorite classic movie, right? Absolutely. However, a new resident has recently moved next door to you, and you would like to be also known as a friendly and helpful neighbor. But where do you start?

Say Hi!

Maybe you are not the type to walk over to knock on the door to say hi, as it can get awkward. Here is a thought. You can drive by and say hi and invite them to a dinner party instead. This approach will provide you with a simple way to introduce yourself while also reaching out to your new neighbor to get to know them and their family a little better.

The Dinner Party

So, they have agreed and accepted your invitation. You are just moments away from hosting the gathering. You are probably wondering what you should talk about after spending the day cooking. You should definitely discuss neighborhood watch information, traditional annual events in the area, and some tips to help them familiarize themselves with their new surroundings. A great way to start is by telling them how you take care of all your responsibilities, like car registration renewals and utility bills, under one roof.

Tell Them About the Best Kept Secret in Town

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