Steps to Renewing Your Illinois Vehicle Registration License

The Illinois SOS office will mail a renewal notification to the most recent address they have on file for you two or three months before your previous license expires. This is why it is critical to disclose any changes in your postal address; otherwise, you may miss out on receiving this notice.

You will be informed whether you may renew your vehicle registration in Illinois in person, via mail, or online when you receive your renewal notification. Every other time your driver’s license is due for renewal, you must renew it in person at an SOS office. In addition, all drivers 75 and older must complete an in-person driving test before they may renew their license.

If you may renew online or by mail, the letter will provide guidance on what you need to do before the deadline.

Online Driver’s License Renewal in Illinois

The online application is the quickest and easiest way to renew your license. Only individuals who qualify as a “safe driver” can access this option. You met the requirements by maintaining a clean driving record over the last four years.

The following are the steps to renewing your Illinois driver’s license online.

Get a safe driver renewal form. It will be mailed to you with a renewal permission number.

If you have changed your address, fill out the online address change form.

Use a bank account or a valid debit/credit card to clear the renewal cost. Credit card payments will include a processing charge.

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