Understanding Insurance for Cyber Liability in Honesdale, PA

It isn’t just large companies that are targeted by hackers. Hackers can totally disrupt a business or cause issues with liability toward your customers should their personal data be stolen in a breach. Insurance for Cyber Liability in Honesdale PA is meant to help limit the risk if this unfortunate circumstance should occur. It’s been available for about 10 years and is continually evolving to meet the needs of businesses.

Coverage Involved

This type of insurance could cover a wide range of liability issues. These include failures of network security, such as a virus destroying data or a data breach including customer records, privacy breaches involving either physical records or digital records and claims regarding the media, such as slander or infringement of intellectual property. Coverage for Cyber Liability in Honesdale PA may also include errors and omissions coverage where people claim that your business didn’t perform its services properly. These policies often cover investigations of the breach itself, legal representation, public relations costs and business interruption costs. Settlements due to damages to other people because of the breach, fines and penalties and even the costs of letting people know that the breach occurred in the first place are also typically covered. In the case of privacy breaches, the coverage applies whether the breach was due to a rogue employee, a hacker, someone losing their computer or physical records being stolen.

Coverage Exclusions

There are some things that aren’t covered by this type of insurance. Harm to your reputation, your own intellectual property not being as valuable as it used to be, costs for improving the company’s internal technology and the loss of future revenue due to a breach occurring are all examples of things not usually covered by cyber liability insurance.

Limits to Coverage

Getting this type of insurance doesn’t mean that all costs related to cyber liability will be covered. Each policy has an overall limit to the costs that will be covered as well as sublimits indicating the amount of coverage to be offered for various types of claims. There is also usually a deductible, as with most types of insurance.

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