Utilize a Self-Directed IRA During the Retirement Planning Process

After you have been working and saving money, it’s important to set funds aside for the future so that you can enjoy your life when you retire. Getting assistance with this task from a top company specializing in retirement planning is an excellent choice. Doing so allows you to tap into their knowledge and experience and use a self-directed IRA to prepare for your life after you finish working.

Diversify Your Portfolio by Utilizing a Self-Directed IRA

When people conduct retirement planning, many use traditional investments like mutual funds, stocks and bonds. While this approach can be a fantastic way to prepare, it offers a limited amount of diversity, which is needed if one asset class, such as the stock market, falls in value severely with your money invested in it. A self-directed IRA solves this challenge by providing a diversified portfolio. Getting assistance from a company specializing in this niche is the best way to help ensure your investment portfolio is prepared for all types of markets.

Investing in Precious Metals Helps You Diversify

If the stock market takes a slump and you have most of your money in it, it can negatively impact your portfolio. Fortunately, you can prepare for this scenario by diversifying your assets with a self-directed IRA. Going this route allows you to add precious metals, such as gold, silver and platinum to an IRA account. Making this move can offset tumultuous economic periods as precious metals tend to move in the opposite direction when stocks fall in value.