Outsource Your Financial Tasks to Accounting Firms in Salt Lake City

by | Jan 13, 2015 | Financial Accounting

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Think about how much time you spend doing paperwork regarding payroll and bookkeeping. Why not let an established full service business development company save you a significant amount of time and money so you can focus on developing your business. Cook Martin Poulson is an accounting firm in Salt Lake City that can pay your bills, balance your checkbook and do your paperwork. Let?s look at some of the other ways they will save you time and money.

Avoid ObamaCare Penalties

The arena has changed when it comes to taxes with the roll out of Obamacare. Companies are changing the way they have done business to avoid penalties. Don?t waste your time trying to decipher the regulations when accounting firms in Salt Lake City like Cook Martin Poulson can quickly and easily do it for you. Beyond that, this firm will help you cost segregate and find more ways to save you money. They can provide CFO services and financial statements. They are a resource for understanding ways to save money and offer blogs, tips and tools such as free videos about things most business owners are struggling with as Obamacare changes take effect.

Compared to other accounting firms In Salt Lake City, Cook Martin Poulson has onsite legal advice and paraprofessionals to ensure the accuracy of your programs. Additionally, the firm offers individual retirement plans and estate plans. This is essentially a one-stop shop for all your personal and business needs.

Ways to Save

You can amend prior filings to save even more money. Cook Martin Poulson offers thirty years of experience that will help you be sure you aren?t overpaying for taxes. Some companies have been helped with cost segregation and saved over a hundred thousand dollars. Imagine no longer having all the paperwork of payroll and bill paying pulling on your time so you could focus on the big decisions and growth of your business. Many individuals and companies are using separate firms for different financial needs, which consumes valuable time because they have to provide each separate firm with the appropriate paperwork.

Is Quickbooks the bane of your existence? Why not outsource your bill paying? That way, when it comes time for an audit, financial statements are due, or payroll is due, a team that cares will be able to aggregate from the information they already have. Check what the long-standing customers of this firm have to say about how the firm treats their business like it is their own and bends over backwards to meet their clients? needs.

If you have put off your retirement planning or estate planning, the firm?s onsite accountants, CPA?s, paraprofessionals and attorneys will make sure you have a plan for success that you feel completely comfortable with.

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