Why Every Renter in St. Augustine Florida Needs an Insurance Policy

Millions of Florida residents are renters. According to a recent report, more people rent their homes now than at any point in the last five decades. Renting is an affordable option in Florida, but many are unaware of the need for St. Augustine, FL, renters insurance. Here are a few reasons every renter in the area needs coverage.

Protecting What’s Yours

When renting a dwelling, whether it’s a house or an apartment, the property owner likely has insurance. However, that policy covers just the property, not your belongings. If the unthinkable happens, the owner’s policy will handle the structure–but you’ll incur significant losses. Renters insurance protects your stuff and your bottom line.

Protecting Your Guests

With a renters insurance policy, visitors are covered in the event of an injury. Whether someone trips on the stairs or falls into the pool, you’re protected. Without St. Augustine, FL, renters insurance, you’ll be liable for their medical bills and other damages.

It May Be a Requirement

Many do not realize it, but quite a few landlords require that their renters have insurance. If you’re required to buy it and you don’t, it will cause serious problems up to and including eviction.

Don’t Go Without This Important Coverage

There are numerous reasons to have St. Augustine, FL, renters insurance, and no good reason to skip it. If you do not have renters insurance, you won’t save much money–but you stand to lose quite a bit if something happens. Get a policy today and protect yourself and your belongings.