Signing Up for Federal Health Insurance Exchange Plans in Atlanta, GA

by | Oct 26, 2021 | Insurance

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During open enrollment each year, you have the opportunity to sign up for or change your medical coverage. This enrollment period lets you get the policy that you need to help you secure the right kinds of medical services to stay healthy and safe.

However, when you are on a limited budget or do not have an employer that offers it, you may be eligible to take out a policy that the government offers. You can find and sign up for one of the federal health insurance exchange plans in Atlanta, GA, online.

Low or No Premiums

Depending on how much money that you make, you may be able to get a plan that comes with a small or non-existent premium. The amount of the premium that you pay is based on your income. If you only earn a modest income, you may only need to pay a few bucks, if anything at all, for your new policy.

If you have no income at all or live on government benefits, you may be eligible for government-subsidized public health insurance. The marketplace might approve you for Medicare or Medicaid, depending on your income, overall health, whether or not you are pregnant and other factors.

Find out more about the federal health insurance exchange plans in Atlanta, GA, online. To start or update an application, submit proof of income or get more information, contact Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace.

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