Understanding the Job of a Bail Bondsman in Keene TX

by | Mar 12, 2014 | Bail Bonds

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Most people have never needed the services of a bail bondsman, so they have no idea what these professionals offer. In fact, bond agents are an important part of the legal process, and provide a critical service that consists of:

1. EMERGENCY HELP: When the police arrest someone, they process paperwork, and allow prisoners to make a call. Often that first call is to someone who can arrange bail. When clients need

2. Bail Bondsman Keene TX

3. professionals can be reached 24/7. Bond agents, such as the staff of Vaughn’s Quick Bail Bonds, arrive quickly, and begin the process of freeing their clients. They are compassionate, non-judgmental, and reassuring.

4. PROVIDING BOND: As soon as the accused begins to work with Bail Bondsman Keene TX agents help them understand what to expect. They will advise clients of the amount of bond required, and explain that bond is required to ensure that they make future court appearances. The bond amount is usually determined by a judge, who considers the prisoner’s past record, employment status, and other factors. Agents charge a percentage of the bond amount for their services, and this is usually about 10%. Often clients do not have enough ready cash to pay this premium, so bondsmen will work with them, and accept collateral, such as personal property.

5. SUPPORTING CLIENTS: From the time that clients call them, bond agents advocate on behalf of them. They ensure the the accused are aware of what is happening, and take steps to free them as quickly as possible. They also represent them through every step of the process, including court appearances.

6. ENSURING APPEARANCES: When agents write bonds, they are making guarantees to the court that their clients will comply with all legal requirements and appearances. If freed prisoners fail to appear, bond agents may attempt to encourage them, or even have them re-arrested, since the agency forfeits the bond if clients fail to meet their obligations. If all goes well, their bond liability is removed by the courts.

Texas bond agents are an important part of the legal system. They quickly and compassionately respond when clients are arrested, and can help them get freed on bond. Agents explain all processes and requirements to clients, support them through each step, and ensure that they meet every legal obligation.

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